Dr. Richard Putnam


The Patient Intake Form can be filled out online here: HERE

This format 1] induces serious patients to put forth the effort to carefully record in print all of their relevant case history information and it spares the need for me to take high-speed, conversation-based, hand notes and 2] preserves my personal health by minimizing my exposure to toxic, chemical vapours found in fragrances worn by most people today due to marketing persuasion.

Physical examinations of patients are legally mandatory by all licensed/registered doctors so I conduct examinations during one-half hour, in-person appointments at my office located at 19599 County Road 43, RR 3, Alexandria, Ontario, Canada. For clients living at great distances away from me who cannot come to my office to be examined, I rely on a medical report of a physical examination conducted by some other licensed/registered doctor which can be sent to me. These are printed reports, often called a Patient Profile, and they list all the individual's medical case history and physical examination details as well as all their laboratory and xray findings.

Because of large and paradoxical gaps in the law, naturopathic doctors, at this time, are required to make a diagnosis in every case they treat while they, simultaneously, have no access yet to government funded laboratory and xray facilities to help them make that diagnosis. As a result of this dilemma, I simply ask all of my patients, including those who are local and who I have already examined, for their medical reports so I can have access to their very helpful lab and xray information allowing me to help them as much as possible.

Chemical sensitivity to toxic chemical vapours is a health problem from which I suffer chronically. The chemicals which make me ill with severe fatigue, headache and dim vision and, to which we are all regularly exposed, are mostly derived from petroleum products. This includes, not only the products that we can smell in the stores we enter, but also all the personal products that we have been marketed into believing that we need to apply to our bodies. This includes the following long list of perfume, cologne, deodorant, facial make-up, shaving cream, aftershave, hairdressing products, hairspray and gel, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, scented soaps and body washes, bubble baths, bath oils and bath salts, baby products, nail polish, skin lotions, creams and powders, lipstick and gloss, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, sunblock and sun-tanning agents, new (and unwashed) clothing fabrics, petroleum, air fresheners and perfumed laundry detergents and fabric softeners and chemicalized drier sheets.

When coming to my office for examination please obey the scent-free policy sign at my front door before leaving home and do not enter if carrying these products. The human sense of smell will accommodate to these chemical fragrances within only minutes of application so that you may well not smell your own perfume and may then feel that it is alright to enter my office since the vapours seem to have evaporated and 'worn off' leading you to believe the sign may not apply to you. This is usually not the case since these chemicals can be detected even late in the afternoon because they are designed to last all day long and can smell to newcomers as if freshly applied. Please also do not wear 'natural', 'expensive’, ‘high quality' or any other fragrances you may personally feel are acceptable. If I detect fragrance upon your arrival I will need to ask you to leave the office immediately so that I and others do not need to vacate the building. I simply cannot tolerate this massive public health problem of polluted air or I will be unable to continue working and helping other people. This condition is the result, in my case, of chronic mercury poisoning from childhood dental fillings and I cannot be cured but only alleviated by taking homeopathic Mercury medicines to help control my pain and discomfort. Your appointment can be rebooked for a second attempt and there will be no charge for my lost office income and your shortcomings in this regard in order to avoid complaints and further unpleasant emotions. However, if you wish still to make a complaint you can begin that long process through proper legal channels by please contacting my licensing board at the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy - Naturopathy at 112 Adelaide St E. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 1K9 at 416-866-8383 or toll-free at 1-877-361-1925 or online at office@BDDTN.on.ca

Thank you for sparing my personal health.