Dr. Richard Putnam


Medical diagnosis is the process of identifying the type and the cause of a disease or an injury by studying the patient's 1] case history, 2] physical examination and 3] laboratory test results to arrive at a treatment solution to relieve the pain, discomfort and disability from which the individual is suffering. To legally maintain their license to practice, all registered doctors are required by law to perform a proper assessment of each patient in this manner before rendering any form of treatment in order to ensure accuracy and patient safety.

Naturopathic doctors like myself have, at this time, no access to government funded laboratory and xray facilities so, in every case, I will ask for as many conventional medical test results as can be supplied to help me analyse the health problems presented. Although Naturopaths are licensed and registered by the government and are required by law to make a diagnosis, we are simultaneously not given access to the technological testing required to do our job properly due to significant gaps in government legislation. As a result, many doctors of natural medicine have developed extraordinary skills in determining what actually is wrong with the patients we see and care for so that we can help them to regain their health despite these shortcomings.