Dr. Richard Putnam

Care of Medicines

Fragrant personal, household and industrial chemicals destroy Homeopathic Medicines:

Homeopathic medicines, despite their effectiveness, are very fragile molecular structures that are immediately ruined when their containers are opened in an air environment carrying molecules of biologically harsh chemical vapours. The chemicals that produce these odors in our modern, daily lives come from the use of a multitude of dangerous, fragrant, personal and household products manufactured by a large, industrial chemical industry. As a result, an accurate, well-intentioned, homeopathic prescription will have NO helpful effect unless the person being treated strives to adopt a more chemical-free lifestyle and suspend their use of these artificially scented, personal and household products. Only one chemical exposure will ruin the medicine within the uncapped vial creating confusion as the doctor and client struggle to understand why the health problem seems so difficult to correct. Always evaluate air quality before opening vials of homeopathic medicines. Before doing so, decide how accurate your sense of smell may be at that moment as you may know your ability to smell is chronically diminished or absent or you may be unable any longer to smell and be aware of fragrances in which you have been immersed for a period of time. Simply stepping outside into clean, uncontaminated air while uncapping the vial and taking the pills can be an immediate solution to this technical problem while, meanwhile, becoming educated about the equally large, alternative industry in non-toxic, biologically-compatible, natural, replacement products as a lifestyle change.

As part of your personal care, and to ensure a good response to your homeopathic medicines, please make a concerted effort to avoid these common dangerous products. To learn more about this topic read Toxic Beauty by Dr. Samuel Epstein, The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel and Hundred Year Lie by Randal Fitzgerald and see The Cancer Prevention Coalition, Environmental Defense Canada and the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics on the Internet.