Dr. Richard Putnam

Developed by a German medical doctor, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), and a host of other contributing doctors who became very interested in his discovery, Homeopathy puts forth a brilliantly different perspective from which to approach ill health.

The word Homeopathy translates to 'same disease'. Homeo comes from the Greek word homoios meaning similar combined with the second Greek word pathos meaning disease. Both Webster's Dictionary and Dorland's Medical Dictionary describe homeopathy as a system of medicine founded by Dr. Hahnemann upon the principal that 'like cures like' (in Latin: Similia similibus curantur.) Described as The Law of Similars this basic principle underlying the manner in which homeopathic medicines are selected and prescribed states, simply, that the proper medicine for a patient's disease is that substance which is capable of producing, in a healthy person, symptoms of illness that are similar (or even identical) to those already being suffered by the ill person. This is a very old, vaccine-based system of medicine and the many different substances (primarily pollutants and infections) that cause people to become ill are specially manufactured medicinally in a very diluted form by homeopathic laboratories in business since the early 1800's when Dr. Hahnemann made his first discoveries. Still biologically active despite their high rate of dilution these medicines are harmless even when taken in pregnancy or in combination with conventional pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, vitamins or any other types of medicines.

Homeopathic medicines have their effects by functioning as reprogramming tools to tell the body what it needs to do to repair itself and to thereby eliminate its problems. These laboratories prepare ultra-dilute vaccines called nosodes (from the Greek nosos meaning disease) for every infection/germ known to infect humans, but, in Homeopathy, the vaccine theory is also applied to environmental pollutants that contaminate our species. Ultra-dilute preparations of Lead, Mercury, Petroleum, Pesticides and other pollutants focus the body, again harmlessly, on eliminating these substances as well, so that, thereby unburdened, the organs and tissues can resume normal physiological activity and improved immune function.

The Homeopathic system of medicine also includes dilute preparations of the plants, minerals, animal products and gases that comprise the natural environment which envelops us and these preparations are also used to help stimulate the body to repair itself. Understand that illness can obviously be caused by nutrient deficiencies, dietary excess and lack of adequate rest, but also by injuries, emotional upsets or exposure to adverse weather. The most significant harmful factors affecting us, however, seem to be the ongoing, negative effects of environmental pollutants and chronic infections because experience has shown that medicines directed at these particular problems seem to bring about best health results.

All homeopathic medicines are manufactured in the same manner according to strict rules described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia in continuous publication since 1897. Beginning with the dilution of 1 drop of the starting material (substrate) in one hundred drops of a solution of 87% alcohol and 13% water (the two dilutants) the container is shaken vigorously by a device, called a potentizer, very similar to a paint shaker machine. Only one drop of this mixture is then transferred to, and then diluted and shaken again, in another fresh container of another one hundred drops of the dilutants. This process is repeated up to one million times.

Various potencies are saved throughout the process and are labeled as 6C, 12C, 30C, 200C denoting the number of dilutions at the C = Centesimal (1:100) rate of dilution. The next potencies are labeled 1M, 10M, 50M (M = Mille(Fr.) = 1000 dilutions.) The last three potencies are labeled CM, DM and MM indicating 100,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 dilutions respectively. Thus, each substance is prepared in an ascending series of 10 dilutions from low to high potency. Understand that any substance diluted to and beyond the 12C has gone beyond Avogadro's Number 6.0221415 x 1023 which simply means that it is mathematically impossible for these dilutions to contain even one molecule of the original substance.

Although conventional medical science considers these medicines ineffective because they are so dilute, molecular physics attempts to explain how they can still be biologically active through the concept of Water Memory. The molecules of water and alcohol that are used to dilute the medicines are only loosely attached to each other (i.e. they are highly dissociated) and can separate from each other and move individually and freely amongst the molecules of almost all other substances thereby separating, diffusing and dissolving them. This is why water and alcohol are so fluid/non-viscous and why they are called the universal solvents. Water dissolves/separates the molecules of all water soluble substances while alcohol dissolves all fat soluble substances so that, in combination, as a pair in solution, they are, together, able to dilute almost every planetary material to which we, as humans, may become exposed and thereby made ill.

It is conceived that water and alcohol molecules, as well, will then cluster together in a group to mimic the molecular shape of the substrate (i.e. the pollutant or the germ), further penetrating with this identical form into the substrate mass until all its molecules are completely diffused and dissolved. Furthermore, as the solution is gradually more and more diluted and shaken vigorously each time, it is hypothesized that the water/alcohol molecules gradually develop a more and more perfect molecular imitation of the substrate which is even more easily recognized by the body, thereby inducing it to neutralize and eliminate this harmful substance, see: Homeopathic Science and Modern Medicine: The Physics of Healing With Microdoses

Molecular physics thereby illustrates homeopathically prepared medicines as harmless water/alcohol molecular replicas of a multitude of earthly substances. As astonishing and controversial as this theoretical explanation may seem, this system of medicine actually does give predictable improvements in health problems when prescribed meticulously because I have been using it almost exclusively for many years and most people I treat regain their health partially or completely. We must also suspect that there must be some serious and profound benefits to be gained from an enduring 200 year old system of medicine used by many high profile clients such as Queen Elizabeth and the Rockefellers and applied by thousands of doctors across the globe daily from the early 1800's up to the present time. In fact, I have found it to be so incredibly efficient that, after studying so many different approaches to health care over the last three decades of treating the sick six days per week, I use, today, almost exclusively, homeopathy as my main method of treatment. It is also in complete accordance with all five original laws of classical medicine:

The purpose of these dilute medicines is to take advantage of a little known law of nature amongst biological systems that 'like cures like' (in Latin: Similia Similibus Curantur). This law is explained in the Arndt-Schulz Law postulated by a pharmacist in 1888 that says a very strong stimulus can abolish physiological activity while very weak stimuli can increase this activity. Such thinking is integral to the vaccine theory. By example, in the late 1800's doctors noticed an increasing number of cases involving men with abdominal pain coming into their offices. It was discovered that painting was the occupation of most of these men and their common diagnosis became known as Painter's Colic, later revealed to be due to poisoning with lead contained in the paints of that time. Homeopathic doctors treated this condition successfully with homeopathic lead (plumbum) infinitesimally diluted to various potencies.