Dr. Richard Putnam

Health Strategy

1] Good Health
2] Natural Medicine
3] Natural Medical Treatments
4] The First Line of Defense and Counterattack
5] Homeopathic Medicines
6] Causes of Sickness, Illness, Pain, Discomfort and Disease
7] Health Changes from Natural Medicines
8] Feeling Worse Rather Than Better
9] Obstacles to Cure
a) Food and Nutrition
b) Air Quality
c) Water Quality
d) Pharmaceutical Drugs
e) Dental Materials and Infections
10] Summary

1] Good Health is the condition of continued optimal well-being of
a) a complex, multi-systemed biological organism free of discomfort, limitation and malintent
b) empowered by sufficient energy, tissue and organ function, immunity, ambition and clear thought
c) aided by unimpaired sensory input from vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch sensors, and
d) unhindered in its abilities to move physically, breathe, digest, eliminate and reproduce its species.

Illness, disease, pain and discomforts of all types, almost without exception, can most often be successfully treated by strategically using natural methods of cure. Body malfunctions have causes which are managed and revealed by successful responses generated while escorting the sufferer through a series of safe and harmless natural medicines, accompanied by any necessary lifestyle changes.

Health repair in this modern age is a task that must include a plan of action that counteracts not only the infections to which humans have, for centuries, always been susceptible, but also the negative biological and immune compromising effects of chemicals and heavy metals evident in body burden tissue samples taken from any random person or animal alive today. Biological systems malfunction and fail chronically, and often acutely, due primarily to these factors. Natural methods are available to reverse manage these problems and return health to normal but these influences are always better avoided in the first instance. Through good self-care with clean food, air and water, clothing, warmth and shelter, sleep, rest and exercise, dental care, sanitation and safety from infections, industrial contaminants, and negative social surroundings, the body should function perfectly for a century.

2] Natural Medicine is also called Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine and is also referred to as Complementary Alternative Medicine [CAM] and, to care for illness, it provides a broad range of gentle and effective, bio-compatible therapies which include:
a) Nutritional Medicine regarding food types and quality, food sensitivities and allergies, as well as diet and avoidance therapy
b) Herbal Medicine also called Botanical Medicine or Phytotherapy
c) Homeopathic Medicine using highly diluted vaccine-like medicines to safely induce the body to repair itself
d) Holistic Dentistry stressing bio-compatible methods and materials
e) Lifestyle Counselling regarding good self-care
f) Physical Medicine such as massage, manual manipulation, hydrotherapy and colon cleansing
g) Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] including Asian herbal medicine and Acupuncture
h) Injection Therapy using vitamins, herbs and chelation products

3] Natural Medical Treatments are all intended to guide and assist the ill body towards self-repair in a biologically compatible and harmless way aligned with the normal processes of nature of which we are all a part. Conventional Medical Treatments, by contrast, are focused on treating chronic and acute illness with pharmaceutical chemical drugs, surgery, and nuclear radiation which are all interventions foreign to natural systems and intended to forcibly remove unpleasant symptoms and negative signs from the body. At times necessary, especially in acute and life-threatening situations, forceful measures in the treatment of chronic disease often merely palliate or chronically relieve while overlooking detection and proper treatment of primary causes. This viewpoint, however, will not prevent a natural doctor from sending a patient for strong conventional treatment in a serious case that cannot otherwise be helped by gentler, natural methods.

4] The First Line of Defense and Counterattack against acute or chronic illness should be a mild but effective, biologically compatible treatment. These qualities are well demonstrated by Homeopathic Medicine because the homeopathic method is the most gentle and effective and the least invasive of all the natural therapies, only rarely produces side effects, and is quite capable of successfully treating a great multitude of different health problems. Helping people to regain their health through homeopathic treatment requires that they take pills of these medicines on a regular schedule to direct the body as to how to repair itself. These medicines are drawn from a selection of several hundred which are all prepared in a vaccine-like manner but to an extremely high and unusually safe level of dilution. Each medicine is named after the substance from which it is prepared and the word Homeopathy simply means 'same disease' indicating thevaccine manner in which this type of medicine functions. Read the Science section of this website to better understand how these medicines are diluted and prepared and how they operate to favourably affect the body.

5] Homeopathic Medicines are sequentially ultra-diluted with extreme vibratory mixing between dilutions within this unique system of vaccine-based medicine and they are categorized into one of the five broad classifications corresponding to
a) environmental pollutants
b) infections, and the
c) mineral
d) animal and
e) plant domains of nature.

All substances which cause or relieve illness are prepared medicinally and grouped within one of these categories, detailed selections from which are made of the appropriate medicines needed to return a person to normal health. People suffering from illness or injury are taken through a sequence of these medicines individualized to their specific needs to stimulate their body harmlessly to correct itself through the vaccine programing effect. A chronic case of sinusitis and headaches, for example, could be relieved or cured by homeopathic Mercury [pollution category], or a case of chronic colitis could respond to homeopathic Salmonella [infection category] while an old whiplash injury could self-repair from Ruta graveolens [plant category]. Homeopathic medicines are prepared in special pharmaceutical laboratories in both Europe and North America which have been manufacturing these medicines for wide use around the entire world for the last 200 years. This is a very old system of medicine that has withstood the test of time.

The correct homeopathic medicines act as sequentially applied, reprogramming tools that direct the body to precisely recognize and react against the problems offending it rather than simply coexisting with them and remaining disrupted and ill. As well, after a homeopathic medicine has relieved pain and discomfort, it also simultaneously reveals the initial cause of the health problem which, in vaccine fashion, is printed on the label of the medicine vial. This teaches us what to avoid in the future in order to remain healthy.

6] Causes of Sickness, Pain, Discomfort, Illness, and Disease develop simply from improper lifestyle choices such as poor diet, contaminated air and water, insufficient clothing, warmth and shelter, deprivation of sleep, rest and exercise, poor dental care, negative emotional and social situations and exposure to harsh weather or dangerous activities causing injury. We first need to learn to live properly and make, good choices in our daily activities and self-care decisions in order to avoid these problems but when we develop health conditions despite caring properly for ourselves then the cause of our problems is usually due to contamination of our bodies with pollutants and/or infections.

Of particular health importance today is exposure to products scented and perfumed by toxic chemicals including synthetic fragrances from the vast marketplace of retail and personal products. This bio-foreign, chemical pollution accumulates in the body causing many chronic, modern, health problems and diseases as do the biological effects also of traditional metallic dental care with continuous, severe and toxic, heavy metal exposures. Equally devastating have always been the infections that can easily develop in our teeth with some, especially root canalled teeth, being more susceptible than others to microbial invasion. Being cutting and grinding tools made vulnerable by exposure to the outside world of bacteria beyond the protective layers of our largest organ, the skin, teeth surfaces are often interrupted and penetrated over time through points of decay and breakage. As a very large portal of entry into the inner workings of the body, our 28 teeth can collectively conduct volumes of damaging microorganisms and toxic restorative materials into unprotected critical organs, profoundly disturbing them to create multiple symptoms and diseases.

7] Health Changes from Natural Medicines should begin with the first prescription which will often bring welcome improvement, but, if the health problem remains unchanged or improves only slightly, this indicates that more medicines will be required in stages to bring the level of health higher so that it rises above the pain threshold into the zone of relief. For example, if the sinusitis or the colitis or the whiplash symptoms do not change observably after the first prescription, this indicates that there are more accumulated layers of problems contributing to the health problem, each corresponding to another medicine. For example, the sinusitis, by the time it is finally gone, may have been cured and brought above the pain threshold by, not only the homeopathic Mercury vaccine, but also by the next homeopathic medicines for Lead and also Zinc poisoning and, finally, to defeat an infection, homeopathic Staphylococcus. In the final analysis, all of these homeopathic medicines were needed in order to relieve the pain and discomfort because the initial health problem was due to several combined factors which all had to be gradually eliminated in stages. Often, each successive problem will not reveal itself until the one before it is first treated and removed or subdued. For this reason, all the medicines could not have been discovered and taken together in the same prescription at the beginning of the treatment and, as a result, the healing process can be slow and gradual. But, by contrast, sudden and immediate improvement can occur if the health problem has been caused by only one or two problems.

8] Feeling Worse Rather Than Betterafter beginning a homeopathic medicine can occasionally occur but, while rare, this most often signals a good prognosis. If a strong and unpleasant reaction results from taking a homeopathic medicine then that medicine should be stopped promptly and the prescribing doctor should be informed so the prescription can be carefully adjusted. While the worst homeopathic medicinal outcome is no health change at all, any change, either good or bad, signals a significant positive breakthrough in understanding the illness. In these cases, it must first be understood that, because of ultradilution, the homeopathic medicines contain no materials of substance other than the vaccine-repatterned, water-and-alcohol molecules so it is impossible for them to have caused physical or chemical harm. Homeopathic medicines contain no harmful materials but can cause discomfort simply by moving the body along a path motivating it to counterattack and repair the problems it confronts.

In rare cases, the patient may be unpredictably extremely sensitive to a homeopathic medicine which must be discontinued without delay. For example, a gentle, plant-based medicine, frequently effective in relieving negative emotions, may surprisingly cause an even worse emotional state after only one dose of the medicine which, after being immediately discontinued, suddenly leaves the mind now in a state of perfect calm. This unpredictable hypersensitivity reaction has, nonetheless, through proper management of the crisis by stopping the medicine, brought about a successful outcome. If a medicine is incorrectly chosen and therefore unimportant to the body, its tissues and organs will simply not react, and it will not change its symptoms of illness positively or negatively. So while a good response is best, an unpleasant reaction to a medicine also indicates that this medicine is essential to understanding and curing the health problem.

Or, alternately, the medicine may have cleared away a path of relatively smaller obstacles so that the body is now free and unencumbered enough that it will over-react by making a massive but unpleasant counterattack as it tries to overcome and eliminate its remaining difficulties. Natural medicines heal by inducing the body to self-repair and occasionally discomfort will result from the strong effort that the body makes in response. This effort needs to be made much more focused, specific, effective and painless by adjusting with the next proper homeopathic medicine needed to deal with such a crisis. This crisis medicine will calm the body's counter-attack by making it very precise and efficient to bring an abrupt end to the crisis. For example, if the gradually improving chronic sinus problem suddenly relapses and becomes much worse again after taking the next well indicated homeopathic Staphylococcus medicine, as mentioned in the example above, this could be easily remedied by then taking homeopathic Penicillin which finally relieves the sinusitis crisis and even removes the remaining nasal problems completely. This positive outcome would simultaneously identify the Penicillin as what actually caused this nasal infection from its beginnings. Most people will panic with the discomfort at this point and may revert to old thinking patterns by self-medicating with common, over the counter, pain medication but this simply delays the final recovery and further toxifies the body with more pharmaceutical chemicals. In a crisis during homeopathic treatment it is best to try to discover what the next medicine should be before suppressing the symptoms with regular pharmaceutical drugs such as pain pills which, however, may be unavoidable until accurate advice is received.

9] Obstacles to Cure are habits, practises or circumstances that prevent a good health response and may also damage the body over time. Recognizing and then avoiding and overcoming or minimizing these hurdles will help to give the body an opportunity to repair itself. Chemically contaminated input materials in modern air, water and food sources are absorbed through repeated exposures and gradually bio-accumulate within our internal organs and tissues as major obstructions to biological repair. To improve and maintain health it is best to be highly vigilant regarding:

a) Food and Nutrition since nutrient quality is very important to fuel tissue repairs. It is most important to also realize that, during the large expansion of the chemical industry since WW II, numerous toxic chemicals have found a marketplace within the commercial food industry in the form of food additives. Fortunately, these dangerous substances are clearly mentioned on packaging ingredient lists allowing people to be aware of and to avoid them, however, we are basic sensory organisms that most often do not take the precaution to read these lists preferring to savour the pleasant artificial, but chemically dangerous, smells and tastes that we enjoy without due care as to what we are actually consuming. Since these food-borne chemicals are to be found in great abundance throughout most of our modern food supply the human race is slowly accumulating an internal chemical body burden that inhibits tissue repairs and accelerates the aging process. To overcome this dangerous obstacle to health and longevity the best advice is to simply purchase and eat predominantly organic foods from natural food stores which specialize in safe nutrition.

b) Air Quality problems can be very harmful due to the use of artificial perfumes present in personal care and household cleaning products as well as in retail goods which can be smelled upon first entering stores. These products, plus exhaust and petrol fumes from almost all transportation vehicles [until they become entirely electric] all continue the post-war chemicalization of the population and endanger our biological systems. Modern humans are virtually awash in a constant exposure to dangerous chemical vapours found in perfume, cologne, deodorant, scented soaps and body washes, bath oils, bubble baths,and bath salts, facial make-up, shaving cream and aftershave, hairdressing products, hair sprays and gels, shampoo, conditioner, mousse, baby products, nail polish, skin lotions, creams and powders, lipstick and gloss, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizers, sunblock and sun-tanning agents, new clothing and furniture fabrics, air fresheners and perfumed laundry detergents, fabric softeners and chemicalized drier sheets as well as harsh household cleaning products and repeated petroleum and exhaust emission exposures related to transportation. Laboratory analysis of tissue and organ samples clearly demonstrates that all people and animals including even newborns today are gradually accumulating a chemical body burden of many dangerous chemicals produced by industry. These substances inhibit recovery from illness and actually cause health problems. The best defensive actions to avoid chemical contamination and resulting ill-health involve:
1} Perfumed personal product and cleaning product avoidance through the use of bio-compatible alternatives to be found in the natural food stores
2} Gassing off newly purchased products in the garage before bringing them into the home and keeping windows open frequently for some time afterwards, augmented by regular airing out of the home at frequent intervals routinely in order to vent away chemicals generated from all manufactured items purchased and accumulated over time
3} Driving with car windows closed and the climate control recirculation switch in the on position to avoid inhalation of incoming petroleum emissions from the vehicles ahead
4} Rural Living which life insurance companies have discovered will lead to increased longevity while large city residence yields harmful air quality exposures that can be equivalent to regular cigarette smoking.

c) Water Quality problems can also undermine living systems and their self-repair. It is best to avoid most city and rural tap water as well as the various spring waters which, despite appearances, are unfortunately often invisibly contaminated by global, environmental pollution of almost all water sources today. Chlorinated water should never be consumed and distilled water is also dangerous since distillation actually concentrates the volatile petroleum pollutants so common in today's environment. Reverse Osmosis filtered water is the most completely purified modern water source available and is the best preference for daily water consumption. Developed by the US military in order to provide clean water for their troops wherever they are deployed, the RO process decontaminates water using a unique filter that will allow only H2O molecules to pass through while all the other molecules of pollutants are prevented from continuing in the water stream.

d) Pharmaceutical Drugs are manufactured industrial chemicals which affect and change bodily processes but are substances foreign and often harmful to the natural biochemical activities of living body systems. Although pharmaceuticals can force the body to react and save life in acute situations they are often toxic materials with side effects which are actually poisoning symptoms and the negative environmental effects of their accumulation in public sewage systems and eventually in waterways is a major concern for scientists. We must also be aware that bio-toxic petroleum is the large feedstock material that fuels the pharmaceutical industry and is used to manufacture many prescription and over the counter drugs such as Tylenol. Although pharma chemicals can relieve unpleasant symptoms, they are most often biologically toxic to varying degrees and need to be repeated in regular doses in order to continue an ongoing pattern of relief or palliation. This is quite distinct and different from the goal of natural medicines which is to simplycurethe health problem after which this bio-compatible medicine can simply be discontinued. It is necessary, despite their common prescription by medical doctors, to be very cautious of, to minimize the intake of, and to completely avoid when possible, the intake of pharmaceutical drugs in the interests of long term health. But medical prescriptions to remedy serious and life threatening health problems should continue to be taken.

e) Dental Infections and Materials can cause acute and chronic health problems even in the absence of any local symptoms of discomfort in the mouth.

1} Numerous dental metal materials: Aluminum, Beryllium, Boron, Copper, Lithium, Iron, Mercury, Molybdenum, Nickel, Palladium, Silver, Tin and Zinc have all been used extensively in tooth repair throughout the world population for the last two centuries and each carries its own poisonous toxicity profile. Each of these metals has been known to cause its own adverse health consequences and the multiple effects of their mixed combinations in large numbers have not been studied and can only be imagined with suspicion and distrust. Despite much long-standing, scientific recognition in standard medical textbooks about the slow poisoning symptoms of these metals, the dental associations continue to approve of them while remaining somehow frozen in time with a primitive frontier mentality as they continue to be scientifically immune and legally protected from stopping their use. Metals are still being used worldwide today in the repair of teeth despite the availability of the new, alternative ceramics and composite plastics technologies that allow truly holistic dentists to now practise completely non-metallic dentistry. However, the vast majority of practicing dentists continue to expose the public to slowly poisonous metallic tooth restorations. And because the body will automatically absorb the metal particles that gradually corrode from these dental metals, it will inevitably become ill eventually from their negative biological effects. But, in many cases, the body will respond well and health is noticeably improved by taking the homeopathic dental metal industrial vaccine medicines. A good response to them can thereby prove that metal toxicity is a significant factor in a person's illness and demonstrate the need to seek holistic dental repair work in order to remove and correct the ongoing, progressive damage being done by conventional metallic dentistry.

2} Dental infections can often exist in a chronic, painless, low-level state and are to be frequently found:

a) Around the edges of metal fillings which, because metal does not bond to tooth enamel, leave a narrow open space between tooth and filling through which bacteria can enter into the porous interior structure of the tooth to become colonized. The dentists are well aware that metal fillings 'leak' by allowing bacteria to chronically penetrate around them into the interior of the teeth.

b) Inside root canalled teeth which are quite porous and extremely difficult if not impossible to sterilize internally. A root canal procedure is initially performed in order to remove the infection from a painful, infected tooth by taking the infected nerve and blood vessels out of its central pulp chamber and root canals. However, sterilizing and killing the entire infection has proven to be almost impossible because, even long after a root canal procedure has been performed, residual infections often remain smouldering silently inside them to plague these dead teeth that have been allowed to remain within the body. With the nerve removed from the tooth, pain signals can no longer reach the brain warning about the infection which can be so subtle that it is often completely invisible to and undetectable by the dentist who will declare that the tooth appears to be in fine condition despite any protests to the contrary.

Despite this oversight, these infections can undermine a person's health so much that the individual remains continually unwell and may also suffer from serious diseases for which conventional doctors can find no apparent cure. Root canalled teeth are such a tremendous health liability that many truly holistic dentists simply refuse to perform this type of dental procedure and will offer only a tooth extraction in the best interests of the patient. Internal sterilization is difficult to impossible because the central dentin core material of the tooth, which lies under its thin 2 mm thick external enamel chewing surface, is extremely porous and provides a large catacomb of inaccessible passageways in which the infective bacteria can hide and continue to exist. From here they send out squads of enemy bacterial soldiers to constantly attack other parts of the human body, but despite this, sterile root canal therapy, like metallic dentistry, still continues to be a hot topic of dental debate today. Bacteria do not show up on xrays and painless tooth infections will not appear on film for many years until they finally become so far advanced that they eventually begin to erode the bone of the tooth or its socket. Only far on in time will the dentist see this bone erosion on the xray and become alerted to this formerly silent problem which has been infecting potentially the entire body already for many years.

Dentists are tooth specialists who most often will respect only the dental health opinion of another dentist. This fact combined with the high cost of dentistry and the irreversible nature of extracting suspected bad teeth puts natural health practitioners in a position where their warnings of potential dental problems can be ignored. But these dental problems are so common that expensive, private, serious and terminal illness clinics in Mexico and Europe employ entire dental teams on staff to remove all root canalled teeth and metallic dentistry soon after the patient's arrival in a desperate, eleventh hour attempt to save the patient's life. The skills of a truly holistic dentist are the only way to correctly detect and manage this type of situation which can severely impair overall health if not recognized and repaired as soon as possible.

10] Summary: Homeopathic medicine offers the best and safest health outcomes because of its wide selection of very specific medicines which, because of their extreme levels of dilution combined with their vaccine-like effect, are very efficient but also have no risk of toxic side effects. These medicines either help or do not help and rarely aggravate, other than in uncommon cases of extreme hypersensitivity, because of their tremendous, relative safety compared to conventional, chemical medicines. Removing poor lifestyle choices, avoiding hidden industrial, chemical and dental dangers and other obstacles to cure will allow the body to easily repair itself with the same instinct that drives it to heal a laceration or procreate offspring to perpetuate its species. As the old doctors from the 1800's said in their writings:
a) First do no harm,
b) Find and treat the actual cause(s) of the disease, and
c) Nature, manifested in the body, will repair itself when properly stimulated to do so.

These Rules of Classical Medicine have been almost lost as toxic industrial techniques, to our detriment, have taken over conventional health care as well as almost every other aspect of our modern lives. To be healthy we must live in a manner that is biologically compatible with our source in nature and repair our illnesses with equally compatible medicines.