Refunds & Disclaimer


Refunds are only allowed prior to your phone consultation with Dr. Richard Putnam and with 24 hours notice before the scheduled time. Once the phone consultation has taken place no refunds are permitted. If you are still experiencing health problems after closely following Dr. Putnam's prescription, a series of subsequent consultations may be needed to address chronic health issues. Please expect a preferably brief sequence of follow-up appointments needed to adjust the medicines moving towards recovery.


Medicine, like other professions that study nature, such as weather prediction and gardening, is not an exact science. Understanding human physiology and the factors that disturb it, causing illness and disease, is an extremely complex subject that has challenged the best minds for centuries. Consequently, health providers and students continue to be confronted with a wealth of accumulated literature that a lifetime of pure study would fail to exhaust. The dizzying multitude of both conventional and alternative therapies is the evidence of this complexity.

The reality of this circumstance dictates that even the most brilliant doctors, despite years of education, find themselves humbled to a moral position wherefrom they can but merely attempt to cure or alleviate their patients conditions. All that doctors are able to do is simply try to help their patients. Often they are successful, and often they are not. Evidence of this unspoken reality comes from the administrative offices for the various health professions which firmly instruct all their doctors to not guarantee health results.

Given these facts, this health practitioner endeavors to provide the best possible diagnosis and course of treatment. However many known and quite possibly unknown factors will be important in determining actual results. Therefore no guarantee is made with respect to any assessment methods, treatment or application of health care advice, financial costs or information given.